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On Strategic Life Goals

Strategic life goals are those fuzzy goals that are hard to quantify, like “better humanity” and “create a legacy.” They’re your purpose in life. Everyone’s goals are different, and they may change overtime. Some folks even choose not to have … Continue reading

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The Programming Women’s Dress Code

Inspired by The Programmer Dress Code, and a lady friend of mine in the field of computing, I present the programming women’s dress code. Here is a list of seven famous women programmers and their pictures to illustrate their style of fashion. … Continue reading

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Why I’ll never set foot in a Star Trek transporter

Transporter software snippet: $dusty = new Person($attributes, $experiences, $startLocation); $dusty = transport($dusty, $newLocation) function transport($person, $newLocation) { return new Person($person->attributes, $person->experiences, $newLocation); }

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Grow A Mustache, Fight Cancer

On November 1st I shaved my face clean for a friendly bet amongst my friends on who could grow their mustache the longest before their significant other gave them ultimatum to shave it. As it turns out, our little bet … Continue reading

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Twitter's Timeline #TADD

I’m writing a book for the popular “For Dummies” brand by Wiley, Twitter Application Development for Dummies, #TADD for short. While doing research for the book I compiled a brief timeline of Twitter’s company history. I was about to remove … Continue reading

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