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HP’s Touchpad Makes the Ultimate Business Dashboard

The picture above is my HP Touchpad setup to display my business’s dashboard when my Touchpad is charging and idle. With a simple glance to my left I can see the current status of my entire business. My dashboard shows … Continue reading

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Life-hacking Productivity Tip #1: You’re gonna’ die.

Yes my friends, it’s true. You’re gonna’ die. This is my #1 productivity tip. Don’t forget, that someday, maybe tomorrow, you’re gonna’ die. How does this help productivity? Remember all those things you’ve been planning on doing. You better do … Continue reading

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Twitter's Timeline #TADD

I’m writing a book for the popular “For Dummies” brand by Wiley, Twitter Application Development for Dummies, #TADD for short. While doing research for the book I compiled a brief timeline of Twitter’s company history. I was about to remove … Continue reading

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Google Calendar “Quick Add” Firefox Add-on FTW!

I just found my new favorite Firefox add-on (extension, plugin, whatever). Using the Google Calendar “Quick Add” Firefox Add-on, press “cntrl” + “;” and your Google Calendar “Quick Add” box will popup in the middle of your screen no matter … Continue reading

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A rule of thumb on how much to charge per hour for contract work.

When I graduated from college and began looking for full time work, I made ends meet by doing freelance contract work. Mainly I did web design and development. The biggest obstacle I ran into (besides finding work) was determining how … Continue reading

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