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How to set Unity to 2D mode

As of Unity 4.3.2, when you create a new 2D project, the “screen view” and “editor mode” remain defaulted to 3D. If you’re creating a 2D project you’ll want to update these settings right away. You’ll also want to change … Continue reading

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Lake Travis Water Level Historical Graph

With summer coming up, I’ve been curious about how Lake Travis’s current water level compares to it’s historic levels, so I graphed it real quick! Here’s the result: * Note: Each data point is the average water level for that … Continue reading

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Average steps per day touring Washington D.C.

On our recent trip to Washington D.C, my wife¬†convinced¬†me to dust off my FitBit and wear it during our trip, just to see, out of curiosity, how much we’d walk touring our nation’s capital. Turns out we averaged 17,584 steps … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Twitter charging for their API?

It feels like Twitter’s general attitude towards API developers has increasingly become one of annoyance. The reason the API has become such a pain to Twitter is because they’re just giving it away. Why aren’t they charging tiered pricing based … Continue reading

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Metrics and Perfectionism

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve become a little obsessed with metrics and analytics. (Have you seen my business dashboard?) Collecting and visualizing data can give you wonderful insights into your business and personal life. Knowledge and information brings control … Continue reading

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