Lake Travis Water Level Historical Graph

With summer coming up, I’ve been curious about how Lake Travis’s current water level compares to it’s historic levels, so I graphed it real quick!

Here’s the result:
Lake Travis Water Level
* Note: Each data point is the average water level for that year.

Our current level (2/10/2013) is 631.43ft.
Historical Maximum (12/25/1991) 710.44ft
Historical Minimum (8/14/1951) 614.18ft

The lake is considered full at 681ft. That refers to it’s water level above mean sea level.

The lake’s max depth is 210ft.


One thought on “Lake Travis Water Level Historical Graph

  1. It seems like the water level has been an issue for the past few years at Lake Travis. I have to wonder if this is going to get better anytime soon, or if this is just the new normal. I’m about to put a 27′ sailboat into the water in soon. Hope I don’t run aground!

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