Lake Travis Water Level Historical Graph

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With summer coming up, I’ve been curious about how Lake Travis’s current water level compares to it’s historic levels, so I graphed it real quick!

Here’s the result:
Lake Travis Water Level
* Note: Each data point is the average water level for that year.

Our current level (2/10/2013) is 631.43ft.
Historical Maximum (12/25/1991) 710.44ft
Historical Minimum (8/14/1951) 614.18ft

The lake is considered full at 681ft. That refers to it’s water level above mean sea level.

The lake’s max depth is 210ft.


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  • Brian Talley says:

    It seems like the water level has been an issue for the past few years at Lake Travis. I have to wonder if this is going to get better anytime soon, or if this is just the new normal. I’m about to put a 27′ sailboat into the water in soon. Hope I don’t run aground!

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