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Bill Gates is richer than you’ve imagined.

While having pizza with friends the other day, we realized something… In 2011 Forbes estimated Scrooge McDuck’s net worth to be $44.1 billion! He is the richest fictional character imagined, according to Forbes magazine. His favorite pastime is swimming in a giant … Continue reading

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How to Downgrade PHPUnit 3.6 to 3.5.15

The newest release of PHPUnit 3.6 broke my unit test process in PHPStorm. PHPStorm is aware of the issue and is fixing it in the next update. However, in order to run my unit tests in the meantime I had … Continue reading

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Jelly co-founder, Amit Gupta, needs our help!

Today I learned Amit Gupta was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia, and he needs our help to find a bone marrow transplant. You may not know Amit, but he’s a brilliant guy who is responsible for the website Photojojo, and he’s also indirectly responsible for the … Continue reading

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HP’s Touchpad Makes the Ultimate Business Dashboard

The picture above is my HP Touchpad setup to display my business’s dashboard when my Touchpad is charging and idle. With a simple glance to my left I can see the current status of my entire business. My dashboard shows … Continue reading

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Check if a Javascript function exists, if so call it.

I had a little trouble searching for this on Google. So here’s a little Javascript gem for you. If you want to call a Javascript function, but only if it exists, here’s one way you can do that. function ifFnExistsCallIt(fnName) … Continue reading

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