The Seven Computing Wonders of the World

In response to this ridiculous list in PC Magazine. Here is my take on The Seven Computing Wonders of the World.

#1. The Microprocessor – Because without the Microprocessor the rest of this list wouldn’t exist. Vacuum tubes and transistors will only get you so far.

#2. The Internet – Do you really need a reason as to why the Internet is a computing wonder? I mean, you’re reading this list aren’t you?

#3. The Personal Computer – Computers were original built for scientist and mathematicians. The Personal Computer brought immense computing power to everyone from small businesses to my 8 year old nephew.

#4. The Mobile Phone – The mobile phone gave us untethered connectivity. As long as you have your mobile phone nearby you’re never alone.

#5. Global Positioning Systems – Because GPS has given us real-time navigation. Flight systems, in car navigation, even cell phones can tell you exactly where you are and how to get to your destination.

#6. Object Oriented Programming – Because OOP has allowed programmers to build systems that would have otherwise been too complex to manage using older programming methodologies. (Think: Most of the modern software you use.)

#7. Clustered Computing – Because Cluster Computing makes massive number crunching cost effective and you can achieve performance that would be unachievable using one machine. (Think: Super Computers)

#563. Flat Panel Displays

#20,023. The iPhone
#20,122. The Nintendo Wii

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