TIL Which Hits the Ground 1st a Dropped or Fired Bullet

It feels a little bit like cheating to use something I learned watching Myth Busters on my TIL (Today I Learned) posts, but it’s my blog, so I make the rules! 😉

TIL that a bullet fired from a gun hits the ground at the same time as a bullet dropped at the same height as the gun barrel.

I gotta’ admit, I actually speculated that the bullet would stay in the air longer than the dropped bullet due to lift. Turns out a spinning bullet has essentially no lift (kind of a forehead slapper there), and due to the constant force of gravity, both the dropped bullet and fired bullet hit the ground at the same time.

Check out the result of the Myth Busters experiment:

While you’re at, check out this clip of Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott dropping a feather and hammer at the same time on the moon.

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