Austin Jelly Laptop Stickers!

Austin Jelly Laptop StickersSo a couple of months ago Brian Massey had the great idea to print some Jelly stickers at The idea being that you slap one of these stickers on the back of your laptop and new Jelly attendees will be able to locate a group of Jelly-ers in a public setting, such as a coffee shop like Cafe Caffeine! I’ve had one of Brian’s original stickers on my laptop for a couple months and it’s been a great ice breaker at Jelly.

We’ve been out of Brian’s original sticker print-run for awhile now, but today I got a new batch in the mail! Big thanks go out to Stephen Gutknecht for fronting the money to purchase the stickers.

If you’d like a sticker let me know at Jelly. They cost $2 a piece to print. Not so coincidently, we’ll be accepting donations of $2 per sticker. πŸ™‚

Alternatively you can hop on and create all kinds of schwag using the Jelly icon and have it shipped straight to your door.

I had a little trouble with the checkout process at Mikons, but Mark was fantastic about helping me, and it turned out to be an over the top customer experience.

Google Calendar β€œQuick Add” Firefox Add-on FTW!

I just found my new favorite Firefox add-on (extension, plugin, whatever). Using the Google Calendar “Quick Add” Firefox Add-on, press “cntrl” + “;” and your Google Calendar “Quick Add” box will popup in the middle of your screen no matter what tab or page you’re on.

So, you heard about a great event on Twitter? Hit “cntrl” + “;” type in the event and you’re done. I love it!

If you use Google Calendar you need to know about the “Quick Add” feature. It’s by far the easiest way I’ve ever seen to enter an event into a calendar. Somehow it can magically parse dates, times, locations, and even repeating events out of a one line description. It understands things like “every Friday,” “next Tue.,” and “noon – 3” Check it out in this short video demo to get the idea.

Unfortunately, as of this blog post, the Google Calendar “Quick Add” Firefox Add-on isn’t compatible with FirexFox 3 beta. πŸ™

ActionScript 3.0 – Global Variable & On Mouse Click Event

I got to do a little ActionScript 3.0 work today. I can’t help but wonder what type of things I could create using Flash and ActionScript. Seems like it could be pretty fun. Do ActionScript programmers make good rates compared to .Net programmers?

Anyways. Here’s a few examples of some really basic ActionScript 3.0 stuff.

Here’s an example of how to create and use a global variable in ActionScript 3.0.

var intClicks:int = 0;

function showDoves():void {
	if(intClicks >= 5){
		_movieDoves.visible = true;

And here is an example of how to add an “on click” mouse event listener function in ActionScript 3.0.

_btnFact1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClickBtnFact1);

function onClickBtnFact1(evt:MouseEvent):void {
	_fact1.visible = true;

That’s all I got. I just wanted to document this so I can reference it later. I hope it’s helpful to you. πŸ™‚

How to delete an entire directory via SSH

I know this is probably common knowledge to Linux and Unix geeks. But every time I need to remove a directory with files in my NearlyFreeSpeech.Net SSH terminal I end up having to google for the command. So here it is for anyone else who’s out there googling!

rm -r -f YourDirectory

rm = remove / delete
-r = recursively deletes the directory and all files in it, including subdirectories
-f = will not ask for confirmation before deleting