OvertWhoIs.com – Domain name research minus the spying part!

In the past I have been worried about checking the availability of some of the domain names I have thought of. Can I actually trust the registrar to not purchase the domain name I’m checking on if I don’t buy it immediately? Apparently this topic is more popular than I once thought. I found this blog post on Digg recently Who Is Monitoring Your Domain Searches?

In an attempt to fix this problem I set out to make a domain research tool that people can trust. My solution? Use an open source whois script and give the web users directory browsing rights to the site. This way the users can verify that their searches are not being monitored by looking through the source code.

Check it out here at http://www.overtwhois.com/

5 thoughts on “OvertWhoIs.com – Domain name research minus the spying part!

  1. “OvertWhoIs.com provides you with the live source code so you know it’s secure from spies and would be domain name knitters.”domain name KNITTERS?

  2. Well, domain knitting is like domain squatting. Except the person doing the domain knitting doesn’t actually purchase the domain. They “taste” it first to see if the domain name gets traffic. Think URL typos and misspellings like http://www.bloger.com.People who participate in domain name knitting must be domain name knitters. Right?

  3. Good lord, could you be anymore right? </Chandler>As soon as I learn to read I’ll let you know. Although, I really liked the idea of domain knitters personally.

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