I’m crushing over Drobo!

I’m in love with Data Robotics, Inc. no hassle data redundancy device, Drobo. I’ve been kicking around the idea of building my own RAID 5 network file server to store all of my music, videos, pics, and et cetera for a couple of years now. But that, of course, is no easy task, nor is it easy on the pocket book. And now here comes Drobo to my rescue!

So I’m dropping the “build my own RAID 5 network server” idea. Now I want to get a Drobo and new wireless Linksys router with USB storage support. Although, I’ve heard a rumor that Data Robotics, Inc. is planning on coming out with a new Drobo with built in network support later this fall or early next year. I’m not sure I can wait that long. This thing is just too cool.Oh, I heard about the Drobo and this YouTube video on TWiT. Great Podcast.

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