A Windows Genuine False Positive!

So this evening my $300 genuine copy of Windows Vista Business decided it was no longer genuine. But my favorite part is I have lots of work due in the next few days and I’m paid by the hour. That means I am now losing money and face! So needless to say I’m a little upset.

But hey, surely Microsoft has some mechanism to get me back in the game right? Not after 6:00pm! Nope. I have to write them a pleasant email and kick back and wait for a response in the next 24 hours. Of course this should be fine. It’s not like I shelled out $300 big ones for the privilege of running Windows Vista Business. And hey, who uses Vista Business for business right? And even if it was for business purposes, who works after 6pm? Yes, a 24 hour turnaround email is the PERFECT solution. *That’s sarcasm Microsoft!*

I must admit, I was able to “chat” with a Microsoft rep. He was a tremendous help providing me with a link to the webpage I initiated the “chat” from, that also contained the support email address. He also ensured me Microsoft would respond to my email within the next 24 hours and he informed me that the email support is absolutely FREE! Can you believe it!? Bless my lucky stars, it’s FREE! *That’s sarcasm again Microsoft!* Free… humph. Give me a break. I should be billing Microsoft my time spent dealing with WGA.

If it wasn’t for Visual Studio Microsoft would have one less developer. Hell, maybe I’ll migrate over to Mono and run Linux and OSX.

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