TIL Summize.com is Dead

TIL (Today I Learned) Summize.com is dead. Well, at least the redirect to search.twitter.com is dead.

Summize is the 3rd party Twitter status search engine Twitter acquired. Being an old school Twitterer I’m use to typing in Summize.com in my browser’s address bar and having it redirect me to search.twitter.com. Plus it’s less to type. Now either the redirect is down temporarily, or Twitter has officially turned off the lights for the old brand name.

2 thoughts on “TIL Summize.com is Dead

  1. If there is something that you think will make your life easier, then it probably will help others as well. Time to get “cracking”. Build a bigger better app for that…! Perhaps Twitter needs a search engine that doesn’t go down or “brighter lights”… 😉

    1. Well, what use to be Summize is still up and running at search.twitter.com. It’s just the old domain name (that only a few early Twitter folks still remember) that’s down. It looks like Twitter let the domain name lapse. Whoops. In any case, they’re probably not too concerned. It’s just a small piece of nostalgia gone.

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