What I've Been Up To

So my last blog post was in November 07! What can I say, I’m a geek not a writer!

Lack of posting excuses aside, since November a lot of great things have been going on. I started Jelly in Austin, a casual coworking group. That has been going great. I’ve met tons of really smart and interesting people at Jelly and I’ve made a lot of friends.

Spawned from the Jelly meetups, me and a few new friends have co-founded a venture that we’ve dubbed Conjunctured. Our goal is to create a company based around coworking and the values found in commons-based peer productions. We’re calling our endeavor a co-company and have started a co-company Google Group to solicit feedback from the community at large. We’re interested in any feedback you may have about the idea, so drop us a line at the Google Group if you get a chance.

I’ve also begun work on some web applications that have been rattling around in my head for awhile. The first being MileTrackr.com. The premise of the site is to leverage Google Maps to calculate your business travel mileage for tax deduction purposes. I imagine the site shining if you don’t log your miles daily, but you keep records of your hours and/or client meetings. You can then use the calendar view on MileTrackr.com to retroactively log your miles, letting Google Maps calculate the distance for you. The site has a lot of work to go, but I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made so far.

Floating Head Studios, the brand I have developed for my personal web services work has been sailing steady. However, I’m considering dividing my branding efforts into 3 segments. Floating Head Studios for the web applications I develop, Conjunctured for technical and marketing services, and Dusty Reagan as an independent consultant. Yeah, I consider “Dusty Reagan” a brand. I’m that guy. 😛

And most recently I’ve upgraded (emphases on the upgrade) my blog from Blogger to WordPress! Woot! Hopefully I’ll have a post about the process up soon. (Aka, within the next 3 months! No, I’m kidding. Hopefully this week.)