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Austin Jelly Laptop Stickers!

So a couple of months ago Brian Massey had the great idea to print some Jelly stickers at Mikons.com. The idea being that you slap one of these stickers on the back of your laptop and new Jelly attendees will … Continue reading

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C# How to get a QueryString value from the UrlReferrer

To get a QueryString value from the previous pages URL (aka: the UrlReferrer) you can use HttpUtility.ParseQueryString. Like this! NameValueCollection nameValueCollection = HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(Request.UrlReferrer.Query); string keyword = nameValueCollection[“kw”]; “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

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Google Calendar “Quick Add” Firefox Add-on FTW!

I just found my new favorite Firefox add-on (extension, plugin, whatever). Using the Google Calendar “Quick Add” Firefox Add-on, press “cntrl” + “;” and your Google Calendar “Quick Add” box will popup in the middle of your screen no matter … Continue reading

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ActionScript 3.0 – Global Variable & On Mouse Click Event

I got to do a little ActionScript 3.0 work today. I can’t help but wonder what type of things I could create using Flash and ActionScript. Seems like it could be pretty fun. Do ActionScript programmers make good rates compared … Continue reading

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How to delete an entire directory via SSH

I know this is probably common knowledge to Linux and Unix geeks. But every time I need to remove a directory with files in my NearlyFreeSpeech.Net SSH terminal I end up having to google for the command. So here it … Continue reading

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