Austin Tech Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

Want to promote the tech community in Austin? This is your WordPress plugin! You can see an example of the plugin on my blog’s sidebar.

The Austin Tech Events Calendar plugin is a “branch” of the wpng-calendar, a WordPress plugin for integrating a Google calendar into your WordPress blog. I’ve customized it to best display events from the events calendar.

To install this plugin:

  1. Download it from here
  2. Upload the plugin to the “wp-content/plugins” directory in your WordPress installation
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin panel
  4. Go get yourself a Google GDATA API key here
  5. In your WordPress admin panel, goto “Options -> Austin Tech Events” then enter your Google GDATA API key. If you’re running WordPress 2.5, look under “Settings -> Austin Tech Events.”
  6. Under “Presentation -> Widgets” add the widget to your side bar, alter the options if you like

That’s it!

For more information about this plugin checkout the documentation from the the wpng-calendar site.

Drop me some comments if you have questions or feedback! 🙂

PS. This plugin uses Javascript to interface the Google API. I’d love to rebuild this plugin using PHP so that the links inside of the event descriptions would help each organization’s page rank in Google search. If anyone wants to take a stab at converting this from Javascript to PHP, I’d love you forever!

Have an old version of WordPress that doesn’t support widgets? Not using WordPress at all? Check out this post: Austin Tech Events Widget for those without widgets or WordPress.

30 thoughts on “Austin Tech Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

  1. To borrow the vernacular from my youthful days… Wicked awesome! This is great – thanks very much for developing this widget.

  2. Eww. Just noticed a couple visual bugs in IE7. I’ll push out version 1.1 to address that soon. If you’ve installed the plugin, you should see the next version release in your WordPress plugin admin panel when it’s ready to go.

  3. Hey- great hack. If I want to use this with code rather than use the widget, what can I place on a page to get your agenda format rather than the standard wpng list format? Thanks!!

  4. Also! Which file(s) are your table formatting outlined in? Love the flexibility you have going on the AT Events site. Cheers.

  5. @dsimone – If you want to get the widget style without installing the widget (I’m guessing you’re running an older version of WordPress?) You could view the source on my site, copy the JavaScript in the header related to the calendar (it’s fairly apparent) place it in your header (remember to change the file paths), then copy the JavaScript on the page that display the widget, and drop that where you want it on your page. You can even set the options in the JavaScript in the header.

    The HTML formating is in the php file. But if you’re doing it in code without the widget, you can just edit the HTML directly and drop in JavaScript box where you want the list.

    I hope that helps a bit. 🙂

  6. This look very nice for me. But I have problems to instal this widget:

    “In your WordPress admin panel, goto “Options -> x” then enter your Google GDATA API key”

    There is no Options -> x in my admin panel? I have WordPress version 2.5

    Can you Help me!

  7. Hi, thanks for your effots…

    I´m trying incluye the calendar in my handmade sidebar but I don’t know the exact code to insert. I’m not widget compatible.


  8. Hi,

    it’s posible to see in the sidebar the pastevents? Not the upcoming only but the past also, so the people can see what have the organization done.

  9. Im using WordPress 2.7 and Events Calendar My problem is the events that I posted doesn’t appear on the Large Calendar. I’ve done deactivating and activating the plugin and try a post but still the event does’nt appear in my events calendar. here is the link: . The post that I’ve made last december and january is working, but in the month of february is a problem. Needed an urgent reply. Thank you very much.

  10. Thank you for the plugin. Am I ungrateful if I ask you this: Is it possible to configure this so the widget’s title does NOT link to the tech events link, but to my calendar? I apologize if I’m missing it, but I can’t figure that out. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  11. HI ,

    Great widget, Im using it for up and coming 3D movies, it works a gem, except when I click on the evnt a Javascript box appears. However If I have a youtube video in my blog it appears over this. I have looked at lightbox2 and it seems to work fine with youtube videos however its obviosly dosnt do the magic your plugin does. IS this something you can fix??



  12. HI , I worked out how to get the videos to play behind lightbox, I just downloaded another youtube video plugin. However I have have the issue of, When it displays the events
    it does it like this

    April 1st


    March 1st


    How do I get it to display like?

    April 1st

    March 1st

    April 1st Aliens

    March 1st Fish

    cheers 🙂

    1. @Zvi It’s nearly the same thing. I changed a few things to make it suited and easy to distribute for a specific Austin tech events feed.

  13. Hi,
    I’m too daft to find Dusty’s email address so I write here in the hope to get some help.

    I want to change the font-face and style, but whatever I do in the style.css has absolutely no effect on the output.

    Has anyone got any suggestions what I am doing wrong? The stylesheet is linked properly.

    By the way, Yves, it’s the functions.js that you have to work on if you want to have French, ie substitute ‘demain’ for ‘tomorrow’ and so on.

    Well, I hope anyone can help. This is a great widget and I am just not smart enough to change the stylesheet properly.

    Thanks a lot!

  14. Hello, I found your Austin Tech Events Calendar plugin and I like it better than the wpng-calendar, because it works, but it links to the 64doors event calendar and not sure that is alright since not really related to my content. I have no idea how to modify it to take link off or the wpng-calendar to work right. The times on the wpng-calendar are off and a bunch of other defects like 113,so I would rather use yours if that is alright.


  15. Kim: Modify austin-tech-events.php at about line 273.

    Search for “” if you’re not sure. Change that hyperlink (“a href=”) to whatever you want the link to point to. I have it direct to an “events” (e.g., a href=”/events-calendar”) page within our WordPress blog.

  16. P.S.: That’s wp-content/plugins/austin-tech-events-calendar/austin-tech-events.php.

    If you’re not sure how to access the files at your hosting provider in order to edit them directly, please use the tech support at your hosting provider, because that discussion is waaaay beyond the scope of what I can explain here.

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